Firearms Information

Firearms Fingerprinting Requirements 

for Middlesex Borough Residents

To process any application you must contact 

Det. Paul Steffanelli at 732-356-1900 Ext. 311  or  Det. Daniel McCue at 732-356-1900 Ext. 312  to schedule an appointment

New Application for a Firearms Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit. 
3.)    $5.00 in cash (exact amount) for Firearms Identification Card.
4.)    $2.00 in cash (exact amount) for Handgun Purchase Permit (if requested).
5.)    MorphoTrust USA Form for FIREARMS LICENSING. (provided to applicant at time of appointment)

Either one or both can be requested on same application form.  Must be fingerprinted @ MorphoTrust USA ( or 877-503-5981).

Applicants who submitted fingerprints less than five years prior to our department for a Firearms Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit:
1.)    Completed Application Form
3.)    Record check – Form SBI 212A
4.)    No fee for replacement Firearms Identification Card.
5.)    $2.00 in cash (exact amount) for each Handgun Purchase Permit (if requested).

Applicants who had permits from this agency and submitted fingerprints over five years ago. 
1.)    Completed Application Form
3.)    $2.00 in cash (exact amount) for each Handgun Purchase Permit requested.  (if requested)
4.)    $5.00 in cash (exact amount)for Firearms Identification Card.
5.)    MorphoTrust USA Fingerprinting Form for FIREARMS LICENSING. (provided to applicant at time of appointment)

Must be fingerprinted @ MorphoTrust USA ( or 877-503-5981).