Middlesex Borough Police Department

Firearms Permits and Registration

The Middlesex Borough Police Department Detective Bureau assists residents with the application, processing, and registration of firearms. For questions, please contact Det. Paul Steffanelli at 732-356-1900 ext 311, Det. Daniel McCue at 732-356-1900 ext 312, or Det. Sean Flanagan at 732-356-1900 ext 313.

On February 18, 2019, The New Jersey State Police Firearms Investigation Unit announced the statewide activation of the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS). The activation of FARS will allow firearms applications to be created and submitted online using the following website: https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/fars.

Application Procedure

The new online application is APPLICANT DRIVEN. If the applicant makes a mistake while applying, they simply can RE-APPLY. The applicant should understand that all application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The applicant MUST utilize the correct ORI number (NJ0121100) for the Middlesex Borough Police Department.

Step 1: To apply online, visit the following website: https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/fars. The applicant MUST enter their “Official Name”. They cannot utilize simplified versions of their names (Example: Joe vs. Joseph).

Step 2: When you log on, you must enter the Middlesex Borough Police Department’s ORI #: NJ0121100. Applicants using this ORI # MUST live in the Borough of Middlesex. If you're unsure which town to apply for, please contact this agency to verify your residency, at (732) 356-1900.

Step 3: Complete the online application. You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. You will need to be able to print the identigo fingerprint form. If you fail to print the form, contact the MPD Detective Bureau and request they provide you with the form. Provide the Detective Bureau the FARS Contributor Case # that begins with NJ______. The confirmation number will not be used by identigo or the police department on the identigo form. Be sure to check all relevant boxes for the items you are applying for. When deciding how many permits you would like to get, remember the following:
  • ONE permit is required for each handgun you wish to purchase (each permit is $2.00)
  • You can purchase one (1) handgun in a 30-day period
  •  Permits are good for up to 180 days (with renewal after 90 days)
  • If you decide you want another handgun permit and you didn't get more than one initially, you will need to apply again

Step 4: When completing the application you will need the email addresses of 2 reputable references.

Step 5: Upon completing the online application, you MUST appear at the Middlesex Borough Police Department to pay for your initial FID Card and/or Pistol Purchase Permits immediately. For fees and instructions concerning payment, see details below.

Applications will NOT be processed until all applicable fees are paid. Valid ID MUST be presented. Non-refundable payment is required to be made at the time of application as per NJAC 13:54-1.4.

Step 6: A representative of the Middlesex Borough Police Department will contact you with the results of your application. You will also be contacted when your permits and relevant paperwork are ready for pick-up.

Application Guidelines

  • You will be receiving automated email updates throughout the online process.

  • If an INITIAL applicant applied for an FID card and forgot to apply for pistol purchase permits, the applicant must re-apply for the pistol purchase permits AFTER their initial application is processed and approved.

  • Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them the reference questions to be answered. The Email will be from No-reply@njportal.com. Your references can complete the questions using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Please advise them to complete the questions immediately to progress your background investigation.

  • The online application is applicant driven. Please ensure that you have entered the best phone number and email addresses for yourself and your references.

  • After the applicant enters all required information, a review page appears where the applicant can edit all information entered into the application prior to final submission.

  • An INITIAL APPLICANT will be able to print out their fingerprint form at the end of the application, and are directed to do so.

  • The applicant should also print both the confirmation page and application at the end of the process. This is for quick reference in the event of an issue.

Firearms Fee Schedule
  • Firearms Fees can be paid Online with a Debit or Credit Card through PayPal (3% transaction fee will apply), Cash (exact change) or Check/Money Order payable to the "Borough of Middlesex".

  • Applications for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (STS-033): $5.00 fee

  • Applications to Purchase a Handgun (STS-033): $2.00 fee for each Handgun Purchase Permit

  • Application for a Duplicate Firearms Purchaser Identification Card or Change of Address (STS-033): There is NO fee.

  • If payment is going to made online with a debit or credit card through PayPal, when prompt to do so please list your full name in the description box on the Purchase Details Page. 

Online Payment Options (Includes 3% Transaction Fee)